Pure Devolved Art

Get ready for some pure devolved art. Devo's Gerald V Casale, AKA Jihad Jerry, collaborates with NFT OG @remo_camero and @davyforce to bring you an NFT drop based on his latest music driven video art piece, “I’m Gonna Pay U Back.”

GVC sez: “The process began deep in the heart of Covid 19, deep in lockdown. I collaborated with the infamous Josh Freese to create the song & Oingo Boingo’s, Steve Bartek, and Shadowparty's, Josh Hager, lent their skills to make sure I stayed current (ha ha).There were no delusional commercial aspirations as this was pure Devolved art. So I sought out my favorite cutting edge video artist & director, Davy Force, to help create this visual dimensional concept, and the result is a stellar restoration of the idea of “video art” as it once was. The NFT drop is a logical extension of this concept and the process. The NFT “objects” in this collection are taken from aspects of the technical, groundbreaking video by the unprecedented yet unrecognized graphic art genius, TOMO77 with pop animations & poster “objects” by multimedia visionary, REMO. Consider the drop our 21st century version of an art show. And if you think NFT’s are bad for the planet, research the malfeasance of the fossil fuel industry, corporate farming practices and weather warfare technology. Jihad Jerry is NOT the reason we’re all burning up!”

I’m Gonna Pay U Back drops July 30th @ 13:37 ET

This wild drop includes 2 1/1 auctions and 9 farmable NFTs including 4 10/10’s for free!

1. Auction (1/1): IM GONNA DROP

2. Auction (1/1): MEGA CONTROLLER

3. Farmable (10/10): IM GONNA PAY U

4. Farmable (15/15): 100, 200, 300

5. Farmable (25/25): IM GONNA PAY U BACK

6. Farmable (50/50): KID DYNAMITE

7. Farmable (100/100): JIHAD JERRY: MASK OFF

8. Farmable (10/10): THIS BULLET MAKES 7

9. Farmable (10/10): BULLET IN RED

10. Farmable (10/10): IM GONNA PAY U SCRIBBLE

11. Farmable (10/10): THE JERRY SHUFFLE

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